About Us

Welcome to Los Molles, one of the largest big game hunting ranches in La Pampa, Argentina. With almost 70% of its area covered with woodland, this 37,000 acre-hunting preserve and more than 13 native and exotic species are ready to join you in your adventure.
Los Molles was created as a family business back in 1987 and today, it is still ran by its owners, with extremely care and attention to make you feel at home.
This initiative integrates a high-quality hunting preserve, challenging hunting areas, world-class trophies, experienced guides and personalized service.
Your next adventure is about to start at Los Molles. You only need to make a reservation to take this trip right away.


Los Molles is located at 1.5 hour-drive from Santa Rosa Airport, in La Pampa, Argentina.
Aerolíneas Argentinas offers a daily flight from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa.
Charter flights are also available. If you are interested in this alternative, contact us for a quote.


In Argentina, seasons are opposite to those in the United States or Europe. Check our local year-round average temperatures before planning your trip.

Months Temperature
January – February 59 – 95 ºF (15 – 35 ºC)
March – April 41 – 77 ºF (5 – 25 ºC)
May – June 32 – 68 ºF (0 – 20 ºC)
July – August 26.6 – 59 ºF (-3 – 15º C)
September – October 50 – 86 ºF (10 – 30 ºC)
November – December 59 – 95 ºF (15 – 35 ºC)
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